What Makes a Great Website?

You might be asking yourself what makes a great website?! Well, there are several facts you need to consider when it comes to a great website. Nowadays there are tons of ways to create a website and every website, based on its content can be different in the features you will be considering when developing it.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce website where you sell T-Shirts, you will need to have an e-commerce system where you can have the user register, purchase and checkout an item without having to contact you directly and it all happens while they are seated in front of their computer. Or let’s say you have a company that provides cleaning services, naturally, your website will contain some information and the ways your customers can reach you without having to (actively) place an order on your website.

But is that all? Of course not

Today we are going to explain, what are the other facts you need to consider when making a memorable website. While the look of a website is important, we need to focus on the inner part of it and pay more attention to the technical parts as well in order to hit the maximum productivity level.

1- Responsiveness

A website must be responsive. In today’s world with the latest technologies out there and the variety of mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops which come in different sizes, we need a website that suits every single size of these devices. Back in 2005 when the mobile devices started to have browsers so you could see a website, designers had to design a separate website for the mobile users. Which means more time, energy and money to spend. Right now there are at least 100 different screen sizes.

Will you design a different website for each and every one of these sizes? NO!

That’s where the responsive design comes in! A responsive design is something that rearranges the elements of a website to fit into any size of the screen you’re viewing it on. This way, you create one website for all!

Check our website to see what a responsive design is. If you are on your computer or laptop, try to change the size of the window or view our website on your mobile device to see how every section of the website fits into the screen.

2- Compatibility

Compatibility is another term for being responsive however this one is a bit different from just being responsive for a screen size. We know that we have many browsers and the most common ones are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. The thing with different browsers is that each one of these is written in different programming languages and that makes difference in the way your website is being displayed on the browser. This one is a bit tricky because not all the codes we use on our website can be read by all the other browsers and we need to specifically tell the browser how to read our content and design properly.

3- Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization for a website. SEO means that your website code is translated into a readable language for search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. One of the reasons that you make a website is to be visible on Search Engines. Let’s say your company is about selling beauty products and your customers can enter your website and browse through your products, but have you thought of the customers who don’t know about your website?

There are billions of search queries on a daily basis on Search Engines like Google and it is an opportunity to be visible to your customers on the internet. SEO makes your life a lot easier and cheaper to be reached by your targeted customers on the internet.

4- Lightness and Speed Load

The lighter your website is, the faster it loads. 70% of internet users, leave a slow website and that means 70% less conversion for your services and products. You need to make sure that the images and files on your website are optimized in the best way possible. You can also use a fast web hosting in order to make your website load faster and smoother. Another fact that you need to consider is that a search engine gives negative points to a slow website and you will have less chance on being indexed on the first pages of search results in google or any other search engines.

5- Proper Navigation

This is very important to have a proper navigation to different sections of your website. It should be easy for a user to navigate from one page to another without having to use the back button on the browser. Make sure that your website is having a header or/and footer menu links where they can reach different sections of your website without having any difficulties.

6- Content

You may think if you provide logo designing, it will be okay to copy the content of your competitor’s website into yours.

NO! This is a punishable mistake!

Google and other search engines know if your content is unique or not! It uses an algorithm to detect the websites that copy content from others and it is punishable by removing your pages from search results. Hire a good copywriting company in order to have a unique content about your website and the services you provide.

7- Purpose

Naturally, when you create a website, you need to have a purpose for it. You need to provide services that meet the requirements of the internet users.

There are many other facts that make your website great but I have mentioned the most important ones. Remember, a good website is a memorable website!

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