Tips on what to do with your new website

Oftentimes when I deliver the new website to a client, I get asked “So what should I do now?” And my answer is always “Keep improving it”. Let’s suppose you’re one of the proud website owners, you just got your brand new website, with the best SEO performed on it, beautiful design & every part of your website is just perfect and spot-on.

You got this feeling that you don’t wanna change anything or do anything to it, to keep it running perfectly, right? … No, this is where you are very wrong. In-fact, the worst thing you can do to your new website is let it be and not do anything to it. The amount of time and money spent on creating this website will simply be wasted.

Well, so what is it that you should do when your new website goes live ?

Write, or hire someone to do that for you

Feeding your new website with regular blog posts is one of the most important activities you should have on your website. Blogging at least once a month will give your audience and search engines a reason to visit your website. You can blog about anything related to your business. This will encourage search engines to visit you and index you, as search engines like updated keyword-rich content.

Keep in mind, when posting anything in your blog, make sure it has a good return value to your business. If you have any difficulty writing, I got this covered in my article How to Write SEO Friendly Content. It will give you all the help you need.

If you find any difficulty keeping up with writing, don’t worry, you can always hire a web designing company that provides Content Writing Services.

Link building

Link building if put in real-life context is like socializing with different people, connecting with each other and then mentioning each other to other people. You can ask an influential website to publish about your new website. This will increase your website’s reputation. You can also try guest blogging, it will increase your credibility and give you targeted exposure.

Use social media

Actively posting on social media platforms will keep you in your audience’s mind. It is a great tool to help drive more traffic to your new website. The more social media platforms point to your website, the more it contributes to your authority in your subject.

The yellow-pages of the internet

I’m sure you know about the yellow pages in Oman, do you know the purpose behind listing all those businesses there ? That’s right, it’s for the awareness.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had something like that on the internet? Wait… We do!
There are many websites out there that specialize in just offering the online business listing service. A great example of a website that offers listing services is Yelp. For Oman, there are a few local business listing sites like Oman Made and Business Directory Oman.

Ask for reviews

There’s no shame in asking your customers for reviews, whether it’s on your social media or other sources like Google reviews. In-fact, Real customers reviews and feedback matter more than anything else.

Build your new website’s personality

Your new website should be a pure reflection of your business. Write in your business’s voice, you can do so by capitalizations, including bold effects on the words you want to emphasize on and even use colors to give the right feel of personality.

Add an image gallery

Your new website has just been launched, you wanna reflect your business growth as time goes, for your online visitors to see what you’re up to. Keeping a gallery will not only keep the visitors interested, it will also be familiarize them with your business and enhance the trust in your brand.

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