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Today the necessity of being found and known to the public is being online. Whether through a website, mobile app or even social media. Have you ever thought how every website, app or even social media platforms run their systems online? Web Hosting is a service that helps businesses to bring their ideas to the online world. Having a website or an app is one thing and being able to stay online 24/7 is another. Providing your services at all time with high uptime is a challenge to most businesses. Infrastructure for web hosting is too expensive and most importantly the support of such complex systems are complicated and time consuming.

At Liliweb, we run our own infrastructure with advanced technologies and complex data architecture. We are monitoring our servers 24/7 and we can provide you with uptime guarantee of 99.99% in order for your website to stay online at all time. We can offer you a small portion of our web hosting platform and you can only pay for the little amount of resources you need and most importantly, you can upgrade to bigger plans as you grow.

At Liliweb we have network administrators  who are specialized with 10 years of experience in Datacenter solutions. Our aim is to provide you high quality network services at affordable prices with premium support. So that you can focus on your business and let technical parts get handled for you.

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What makes our hosting services special is not only its unbeatable uptime, it is the premium support that we provide. With having us in the house, you can focus on your business and let us handle your web hosting for you at an affordable price.

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Since all our services are provided via our in-house team, we are able to name our price. This gives us power to be flexible with pricing.

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We are fast in delivering your projects as soon as possible. We are punctual and reliable in term of timing and we can work on most complex websites.

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