A Guide For Local Businesses in Oman for Selling Online


Due to the unexpected Covid19 outbreak, people were forced to go into lockdown and so were businesses in Oman specially in Muscat. This has greatly affected businesses as sales have since reduced. The Covid19 lockdown has also led to the shutdown of very many businesses around the world. But most businesses that use online stores have since stayed standing and in fact their sales has quardabled. The number of people purchasing products online is on the rise around the world. This is an advantage of online business owners.

Internet users have tremendously increased and so have sales for businesses. E-commerce is on the rise around the world. E-commerce is defined as selling and buying of products and services as well transfer of money online or using the internet. E-commerce has proven to be of great use to business owners in Oman

This article is to guide businesses with local stores on how to join e-commerce. To start an e-commerce business you may do the following:

Build your online store

While growing your business online, choose what products you are going to sell or services you will render. You need to know who your target market is for your products. You then choose a name for your online business. This is the name you will use to sell your products to your customers.

You can then also choose to develop a website for your online store. It is on this website that you will be able to inform your customers about your products. A website is very important to your online business. This is where clients and potential clients come to see what products or services your business has to offer. Ensure that your website is presentable and easy to understand to your clients. Your website helps you generate traffic and act as an invite to your customers hence a call to action.

Use e-commerce sites

Add your business to e-commerce sites like Shopify, eBay and Amazon. These sites allow you post your business for potential clients to view and shop. They give you a wide market at a lower cost. This gives you a great opportunity to sell your goods and services. You should consider going online with your stores. You can also use our Website Designing Services and get your own online website.

Using social media

The rates of people using social media are very high. This has also seen an increase in the numbers of business owners who have adopted use of social media. People now use social media to market their products and services and also pitch sales for their brand awareness. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others has been of great help to different businesses.  These platforms are a great advantage to business owners because they provide free advertising platforms for business owners.

This section is aimed at giving you an insight in what these social media platforms have to offer.

Instagram: In 2016, Instagram introduced business accounts with an aim of helping business owners. This account gives your products and services a large audience hence increases in customers. Using the business account helps you know how your business is operating and how to increase your sales. It also gives you the ability to advertise your products to a wider market.

Facebook: Just like Instagram, Facebook also offers its users with an opportunity to sell their goods and services. Using its business page is free of charge for business owners.  There is an opportunity for the business owner to advertise their products and services free of charge. It creates brand awareness for your products and attracts more customers. Therefore this increases sales and profits for your business.

Twitter: Twitter also provides for business accounts. This gives room and opportunity to take your business to a wider market. Twitter allows you to advertise your products and services at a cheaper cost. The cost of advertisement depends on your advert type as you choose.


The fruits gained by different business going online have been greatly witnessed. Businesses have increased their sales and so have their profits. I recommend therefore, that you take your business online to help achieve the fruits of increased market at a cheaper cost. Online shops are the new normal for business owners. 

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